I’m new to WordPress, working on a website for about 2 months. First built my own theme and learnt how things work from this level (file structure, basic functions, responsive mobile design, ect’ ).

So I started to do things more advanced like writing a code to get random posts on the sidebar, and that too, used scripts that are already written, what help to interduce me to new functions that I didn’t know of.
after trying to write stuff on wordpress, I noticed that I have a block that I really want to overcome.
I code in PHP, JS, CSS, jQuery, HMTL in a basic level, and I want to start writing plugins myself, to build over the current wordpress code in the best efficient way myself, to know how it works, and learn it in the best and fastest way.
I noticed that when I wanted to create a “load more posts” button in the end of the homepage, when I realized that I know to work in ajax and php, but just cant manage to apply it on my WP website.

So, I know that there is a lot of the documentation on the website, but everything is very unorganized. there is no specific way to learn it.
I would like to hear what you guys thing about this, and maybe tell me how you become experts with wordpress. If you have any recommendations for good books that you know will help me, or online courses..

Thank you guys.

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