When developing I don’t like to trap myself with limitations, I like to keep everything simple and understand the workings of everything.

So down to my question, do you find that WordPress complicates the development of a site and limits you? Obviously if your used to developing in WordPress that answer will most likely be a no. Whenever I start working with code that I don’t understand it scares me a bit and when I looked over WordPress migration tutorials I felt a bit out of my depth.

I could develop the site with Bootstrap, JQuery and add the PHP elements that I need however I am seeing more and more people migrate to WordPress.

Would you say it is worth it? The website I am developing is for a family member so it will be a long term project for me. The site is going to include functions such as a blog, products page, search modules, forms ect.

Any tips would be great.

Read more here: Is a WordPress Migration Worth It? [on hold]


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