I’m working with a Taxonomy where the Terms have lengthy descriptions. It makes the Admin Panel look really ugly when WordPress tries to display these descriptions for 10 categories. I’m trying to figure out a way to limit the number of words or characters displayed in the Category / Term Description Column but I cannot find the correct hook to get to the category description as it’s displaying it. I’m using this list of Hooks as a guide, and the two hooks that seem to point to the right direction are:

filter: manage_taxonomies_for_{$post_type}_columns

function funcy_test($empty = '', $column, $term_id) 
    return '';
add_filter('manage_taxonomies_for_cpt_products_columns', 'funcy_test', 10, 3);

I expected it to return empty columns all around but instead I didn’t see a result. One possible solution is to remove the Description cateogry entirely and use the custom_columns hook to add my own description column but that just seems too much of a hassle.

Is there a way to limit the words / characters for a term description in the Admin Panel?

Read more here: Limit Words in Category / Term Description - Admin Panel


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