I used to run Xampp on Windows 8.1 on port 85 (httpd.conf: I changed both listening port and dns resolving port). So normally I would write


on the address bar and it worked pretty well.

Now I decided to work back on standard port (80) but…
when I write on the address bar either


or simply


It keeps redirecting me to


I tried to:

  • restart Apache server and even uninstall Xampp, delete xampp folder etc.
  • ipconfig /flushdns

Nothing changed. Also, I’m getting some weird error from Chrome (ERR_CONNECTION-TIMEOUT) on a website (wordpress) which used to work perfectly. I don’t know if this is related but it used to work perfectly. I tried to run the same web site on Firefox and same problem. No error displayed on console but the wordpress won’t load (“Unable to connect”) and the same redirect occurs.

Any clue?
Thanks in advance

Read more here: Localhost(:80) keep redirecting to Localhost:85


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