I’ve written a small PHP framework for wordpress, but I’m afraid to expand it, because I think the script (framework) can become much more modular and exstensible. In my opinion, with my current script, if I start writing plugins for my current framework, then I think that I will have a lot of trouble editing existing scripts or templates to make it functional with my plugin or future plugin feature. Is there anyone on StackOverflow that knows about a source online to teach me more about the ins and outs around OOPHP? I’d be very happy to hear from you. I have already read about most of the topics you will find using google or the search engine and I’m looking forward to go a step further,

In case you think that you will be able to teach me some serious programming styles, please add me on skype (damagex443), I am fully dedicated to building php web applications. I am currently learning by trial and error, but I have the feeling that the information I find on the internet isn’t enough to fully understand what I’m doing.

In case you start wondering, I am not stupid and I am willing to learn. Ofcourse you’re free to decide wether you’re willing to help me or not, but if you want to then I’d really appreciate it.

If you add me, I can show you the full source of what I’ve built right now, I’m very keen to hear/learn what you think about it, because I’m not satisfied with the way I have programmed it now.

Thanks in advance,
Skype: Damagex443

Read more here: Looking for a PHP OOP information/tips/guidelines/mentors


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