I bought a wp theme on themeforest called Allegro. When testing the mobile view on the computer browser everything works as it should. The menu opens instantly, scrolling the content is smooth.

But when I access the website from an actual mobile device (tried with Nexus 5 and Note 3) the problems start to appear. After clicking on the menu icon it takes a few good seconds for the menu to appear. When scrolling, there are moments when it freezes and when you scrol back to top the whole header section disappears and seems to be reloading.

This is where I installed the theme: http://uj.dvcnordtrade.ro/
This is the theme’s demo site: http://demo.orange-themes.com/?theme=6209796

Both of them act the same when accessed from a mobile device.

I’m accessing the website from Romania. Is this somehow a localized problem? Does it work well for you from where you are? Or maybe is there something that you notice that should be changed?

Thank you for your oppinion

Read more here: Responsive website slow on a mobile device


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