I’m very fairly new when it comes to plugins on WordPress. Currently I’m using a plugin called ” Enhanced Media Library ” for my wordpress application. The reason why I’m using this plugin is because my site will be dealing with over 1000 pics and I thought it best to categorized my pictures.

In addition to the above plugin I’m also using another plugin called ” Search and Filter “. My reasons for using this plugin is that I want to create a customize search so that my users would be able to pull up pictures based on categories.

However when I installed the second plugin…the categories that I created via the Enhanced Media Library plugin are not appearing. The list of categories that I am able to select from via the ” search and filter ” plugin are the categories from my posts.

Has anyone have any tips to help me out. In addition can anyone provide me with a plugin to pull pictures from the database via custom categories.

Read more here: Search plugins and media categories


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