I’m building a web application of language processor. Here I store quotes & stories in database. then I assaign corresponding meta info of tokens in quotes or stories

Now what i tried is

quotes(id,content) Ex: 1 Hello John
quotes_metainfo(tokens_id, metainfo_id,quotes_id) Ex: 2, 1,2
tokens(id,name)  Ex: 1 Hello | 2 John
metainfo(id,meta_name)  Ex: 1 Verb| 2 Noun

So it represent john is noun. In this way on token having more than one meta

Same token may also having different meta on different quotes example:

run may be NOUN or VERB

I need some ideas to move without more struggle or i dont want to reinvent the wheel.

Help with best way to organize table. and if any ready frameworks are there to process

Read more here: Special & simple ideas for sentence tokenizer and store meta information about tokens in database


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