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Pagination on child category returns 404

Can anyone figure out why viewing pages in my child categories results in a 404, when the same $paged code works fine for my index

404 file not found when requiring PHP file

So I have this PHP file which has an Ajax call of a file called, let’s say test.php. This test.php requires two files, this is

404 Page When I switched over to Nginx from Apache

I have WordPress issue on my published pages… they turned into 404 Page! I switch from Apache to Nginx and I think this is the

Custom post type child page 404

This issue seems to be quite common, but the solutions that worked for others haven’t worked for me. I’m using the CPT UI plugin and

404 Page Not Found for Only One Post

I have 40+ posts on my blog. Only one of them is going to a 404 page when I click the title (visit the permalink).

WordPress endpoint for edit customer throws 404

I am using like it said on the wordpress site directly. When I use the edit-account endpoint it throws a 404. I am using

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