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how to add link on wordpress wonder plugin carousel description

i am try to set link on description using wonder plugin carousel in wordpress. here i am type in description something like test its display

How to add attributes for a Simple Product on Checkout Page?

Been trying to figure out how to add attributes… for example the size of a product on the checkout page of woocommerce for wordpress. Seems

Adding A Custom Tab To The Insert Media / Add Featured Image Modal

The goal here is to be able to host images via an external CDN — in this instance I want to leverage Adobe Scene7 because

How to Add HTML & Javascript to WordPress Shortcode?

I have a snippet of HTML that I would like to make into a WordPress shortcode. This is the snippet. <div class="small-12 large-7 columns"> <article

How to add php echo within echo shortcode in WordPress

I’m trying to use an image for my title using the jQuery Collapse-O-Matic plugin, however I am using the do_shortcode echo and am stumbling a

How to add a custom body class for pages that are not the front page?

I am trying to add a custom body class .custom-body in a WordPress site to all pages that are NOT the front page: To my

Add custom columns to auto-save in custom posts

I am using custom post type in a plugin. I have added a new text area in it. I have also enabled auto save. But

AJAX issue with WooCommerce add to basket

I have nearly completed a site using WooCommerce now and everything appears to be working as I want, except for one thing. I have some

How to add image customizer on theme preview page?

i want to add a image customizer on theme preview page of a wrodpress theme.i am using this is uploading the image and saving

installed WordPress but can’t upgrade or add plugins due to webdav https?

Uploaded wordpress and themes via webdav https but can’t seem to add plugins or upgrade WordPress. I’m presuming the is a webdav security feature? Is

WordPress - contact form 7: add class to form when submit, and delete when form was checked/send

I want to add a class to the whole contact form on submit. i want to hide the submit button while the form is checking

How to add an Anonymous function in wordpress hooks by removing create_function

Currently i am having the below code i would like to replace create_function with some anonymous function. how can this be doneplz help me to

trying to add to cart in woocommerce for product with variations

I’m trying to create a link to add a product with variations directly to the car but it’s not working. ANy ideas what to use?

Add a class to WordPress side menu only child

What I am struggling with is my side menu in IE8. The a:only-child:before works in all the browsers I have tested (Firefox and Chrome and

WooCommerce AJAX on add to basket not always working

I have an interesting issue with a WooCommerce instal which is actually two issues around the same thing (I think). Issue 1 The first is

How do I add my own custom php page?

I’m making a plugin and I need to include my own public custom page in it. The user must not be able to edit this

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