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How can AJAX be used in wordpress admin area to add another div with form input field in it?

I am creating an admin page for a wordpress plugin. I have a form where the user can create a new table in the database.

Woocommerce add extra input data from form to session

I’m new to woocommerce and i couldnt find much info from their documentation. My main intention is, i have some custom data that i show

How to add multiple images to a custom post type single post?

I have created a custom post type and I need to add multiple images to every single post, so I can create a loop and

How to add id for specific item with html

Hi I have a sidebar in my wordpress site based on this plugin: How I do a custom css id for specific items at

How to add id for specific item with css

Hi I have a sidebar in my wordpress site based on this plugin: How I do a custom css id for specific items at

Add a button to middle of screen is the website. I want to add a link in the middle of the home page which will link to a competition. What would

How do i add these features to Nivoslider

I downloaded the Nivoslider and implemented it in my website using the demo as a guideline. This worked out well… however I want to add

Woocommerce: add usage restrictions on coupon according to attribute

I have variable products in woocomerce, with attributes that are color and size, and I want to have a coupon that is only allowed to

Add TinyMCE editor as meta box to custom post type using wp_editor

I have created a custom post type in the functions.php file of my theme. I want to add an additional tinyMCE editor as a meta

Plugin - Woocommerce variable product add to cart not working

I have one question…My plugin woocommerce don’t working perfectly. My single products working perfectly but when i put one variable product i can’t add the

Extending the walker class to add a top level list item to the nav menu in a different order

I’ve seen functions to append to the beginning or the end of the menu, but how do I add this list item right after the

On WordPress, where do I add extra columns for each users?

I am quite new to WordPress, I have identified user.php from wp_includes.php which inserts the username, password and email into the database; how do I

Add Class to a div using a filter?

is it possible to add a dynamic class to a div using a filter in the functions.php? I know it’s possible for the body-tag -

How to add tinymce to normal textareas (in wordpress admin)?

I have custom post type called coupon and custom taxanomy stores. At this page edit-tags.php?taxonomy=stores&post_type=coupon meaning while adding and editing stores I have a field

Add Incrementing ID to each paragraph in the_content

I need to loop through each paragraph in the_content and add an ID to each paragraph with an incremental value. for ($i = 0; $i

How can I add Rating and Reviews in Another wordpress classified plugin?

I am using AWPCP plugin. I want to give Rating and Reviews feature on Ads posting with this plugin. This plugin creates Ads listing in

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