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How to add extra items in wp nav menu

I have a menu in wordpress where each menu item has an extra item. For example: I have a “Home” menu item where I have

How do I add login/logout links to navigation in specific position

I’m trying to add login/logout links to main navigation menu and I did it as follow: add_filter('wp_nav_menu_items', 'add_login_logout_link', 10, 2); function add_login_logout_link($items, $args) { ob_start();

How to add an admin notice upon post save/update

I have a post type the uses post_save to take the address from the post-meta and retrieve the lat/lng coordinates from the Google API. I

Add a print button in place of buy button on my site wordpress

I would have the same things in this blog of deals : when i click on view button the product it well be showing

hook to add author name in woocomerce product single page

I am working with a Plugin and going to integrate it with woocomerce. Using my plugin i want to add product author name in product

how to add link to meta using custom field - wordpress

hello does anyone know how i could add link to guest author meta? am using these code and i would like to add external links

If on Category Page add "active" class?

I am trying to register an “active” class on my li if the category matches the page. If you click the horror category it will

Add "Category" to Mysql Query

i need your help I’ve made this custom Mysql query on WordPress: $querystr = " SELECT DISTINCT meta_value FROM $wpdb->postmeta WHERE post_id IN( SELECT DISTINCT

Advertica lite theme - how to add header image for pages

In Advertica Lite theme I am unable to use “featured image” of page as the header image of the page, like in the default worpress

Add HTML (dropdown) in wordpress new page

How can i convert this to an wordpress new page. I tried to add it tru html but that didn’t work. My dropdown is all

How To Add Perfect Apostrophe And Quotation Mark In WordPress Posts?

I have a blog at where I am sharing codes snippet too. I am new to WordPress and migrated from Blogger. So now my

How to add hidden text on wordpress ( Hidden div ) using javascript

Alright so basically i’ve been searching for a way that when someone clicks a text , a scroll down menu drops down with basically more

How to add Next and Previous buttons for Paginated posts in WordPress?

i’ve been given a task for making a humor site,i’m having trouble having paginating posts like this site i can paginate the post using

How to correctly add Javascript in functions.php

I would like to remove some ugly looking arrows that are standard on cart buttons in WooCommerce. To achieve this, I found a tip of

add html content in magnific popup gallery

i’m trying to add html content into an image gallery, i was able to add span tag but when i add an a attribute magnific

wp_list_categories - add class to list items

I am trying to style my wordpress category listing to add a class of list-group-item to each li element as follows: <ul class="list-group"> <li class="list-group-item

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