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How to remove admin main menu name repetition

I have added an admin menu using add_menu_page. When there is a sub menu with add_submenu_page, The main menu name is repeating. How to remove

How can AJAX be used in wordpress admin area to add another div with form input field in it?

I am creating an admin page for a wordpress plugin. I have a form where the user can create a new table in the database.

White screen of death on admin and other dashboard pages

I have created a theme for the first time. but except the public area I cannot access admin by wp-admin. After changing he theme I

My wordpress admin showing blank and my website not recognizing the style sheets

I have a website developed on a wamp server using the wordpress (current edition) themes. everything seem to work well while developing but upon transfer

Change the functionality of wordpress users module in admin

I want to restrict wordpress admin to view all users in user list. For say, I have created custom roles (company users, employee). A company

Posts by admin on the top from all the post?

I am retrieving some post and to show post on first come first basic. Now I want to show those post on the top which

List all blogs a user can admin

Which is the best way to list all blogs a user can admin in a wordpress network? Thanks in advance. Read more here: List all

How make a wordpress MU with subdomains on a pointer domain with direct admin?

I have a domein that domain is hosted with an another firm. therefore i make a pointer ( until the website is ready. The

In WordPress I would like to manage collections of data that are managed by the admin?

I would love some help as I am really stuck. I want to be able to have some data collections within my WordPress. For example

How to delete remain data in WP database after deleting custom post via admin interface

I’m trying to create a plugin that will delete pictures and additional info from database on deleting custom post (sp_venue) via admin panel (wp-admin/edit-tags.php) In

How to add tinymce to normal textareas (in wordpress admin)?

I have custom post type called coupon and custom taxanomy stores. At this page edit-tags.php?taxonomy=stores&post_type=coupon meaning while adding and editing stores I have a field

Display admin notice only on main dashboard page

I’m using following code to display a notification in the admin dashboard. I want to display only on the main dashboard page (index.php), however the

How to remove admin menu inserted by plugins?

Is there any way to remove admin menu inserted by plugin’s? Read more here: How to remove admin menu inserted by plugins

How to get the slug of the homepage when editing it in WP admin?

According to the WP_Class reference, $post->post_name holds the value of the slug of the current page being viewed. If I’m currently viewing the WP admin

Error on Easy cart admin plugin [on hold]

I’m getting an error on the easy cart admin plugin on the backend, in the Store admin option. Here’s the error “There was a network

How to tell which page or post is currently being edited in WordPress admin?

When the admin-user is viewing a page or post edit screen in WordPress admin, I assumed the following would give me that particular post’s ID.

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