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Woocommerce API POST/PUT product

I just red thru the WooCommerce REST API Is it not possible to create products in the WooCommerce onlineshop using just the REST API?

Auto-save from Front End with WP Heartbeat API

I’ve created a form on the front end for users to post an event (custom post type) from. I want to have the website auto-save

Replacing the content of an image attachment using API

I have an existing image attachment, with a given ID. Is there a way, using API (specifically, Python WordPress XML-RPC), to upload another image instead

WP Supersized api is undefined - why?

Hello Stackoverflow Community, I am having a problem with the WordPress Plugin WP Supersized, since its very famous I am hoping that someone on here

Newbie - got API from a price comparison website - but how to implement in my word press website?

First I want to thanks to all members of this forum . You have helped me tremendously. ( I always visit from google search and

How to implement price comparison API in my WordPress website? [on hold]

I want to build a niche shopping review website and applied for a API in a price comparison website. They approved my request and give

Authorization with Client-side Google Analytics API plugin

At the moment I’m writing a Javascript and PHP heavy WordPress dashboard plugin that pulls data from the Google Analytics API. Using their Embed API,

Custom Layerslider Navigation using API (on WordPress)

I’m trying to create my own navigation for LayerSlider using the API. This is because I want icons and text which can be updated easily

WordPress dynamic option fields with Settings API

I am at my first Settings API application and I hit a snag. In a submenu page, I need to generate a number of fields

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