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How do I make an archive template for custom woocommerce taxonomy?

I have created a new taxonomy for products on woocommerce. Now, when I go to the taxonomy view and it shows 404. how do i

Taxonomy archive page have no post

I have a taxonomy with posts assigned to terms, and on the term archive page i get no found post $rewrite = array( 'slug' =>

Get list of terms of current taxonomy archive for another taxonomy

I have a Custom Post Type named ‘Real estate’ which has (amongst others) two different taxonomies: ‘Purpose’ (hierarchical; terms used are ‘Living’, ‘Working’ and ‘Holidays’)

How to customize taxonomy archive template files for subterms?

I have a taxonomy called “location” where I have the term “Asia” and the sub-term “Thailand”. Now I created the taxonomy archive template file according

how to know which Archive Pages user now active

I have two custom post type name as ‘product’ and ‘blog’. And I have also two archive page ‘archive-product.php’ and ‘archive-blog.php’. Now i want to

How to know which archive page is active

I have two custom post type name as ‘product’ and ‘blog’. And I have also two archive page ‘archive-product.php’ and ‘archive-blog.php’. Now, I want to

Using Shortcode to Grab Archive Listing, Separate by Year

Here’s code I’ve modified to display an archive list of every month I’ve posted news. Each month of course links to the archive for that

Custom post type archive not found

Having issues with permalink generation for a custom post type. THe following code works fine for viewing my individual properties. This is the permalink structure

WordPress: Getting URL link for archive based on custom field filter

I am trying to provide a link on a wordpress post that will lead the user to an archive view with other posts with the

Can I have two URL structures for a shared category’s archive pages filtered by two custom post types?

I have been working on this for days and have found many similar questions posted, but none that address my issue entirely. I have two

How to modify archive page query to give priority for posts if custom field value exists

I’m trying to modify taxonomy archive to sort posts by title, but display “discounted” items first (sorted by title too). I’m using custom field item_new_price

Single taxonomy for multiple post types archive page not working

I am having a problem with my website, I hope you can help me. I created two Custom Post Types(Truck and Stock) and one Custom

How to show monthly archive posts?

my custom archives page is : <?php get_header(); print ('<div class="row">'); $archi = wp_get_archives('echo=0'); $archi = explode( '</li>' , $archi ); $archi_count = count($archi); $count

Grab next post title in archive page

I am using a custom query on a page to display single posts from a specific category, one post per page. Here is my current

How to count the number of monthly archive?

<?PHP $num_cats = wp_count_terms('category'); echo $num_cats. '<br/>'; ?> I get the number of total categories from the above code. How can I get the total

wp archive skiping a specific category posts of an author

i’m using following author archive code ( and in the authors archive try to skip a specific category. However this does not seem to work.

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