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How to pass an array as attribute of shortcode to work properly shortcode parser?

echo ‘[test attr=”‘.json_encode(array(‘test’=>’my[][dfd]dfds[][][‘)).'”]’; //How to safe pass the array as attribute in shortcodes ? Read more here: How to pass an array as attribute of

Plugin Error - array_merge(): Argument #2 is not an array

I am building my first wordpress plugin and the error log is throwing up the following errors. [06-Jul-2014 20:07:21 UTC] PHP Warning: array_merge(): Argument #2

How can I insert an PHP array into HTML dropdown?

The function get_post_types( '', 'names' ) returns an array containing the names of post types. <?php $post_types = get_post_types( '', 'names' ); foreach ( $post_types

Variable inside array in WordPress

I have some problem here with some code in WordPress. <?php $output=""; foreach($type2 as $t) {$output.= "'".$t->slug."',"; } echo $output; ?> This code outputs this:

wp_editor unable to add array variable values

I’m having major headaches rendering multiple wp_editors within metabox textareas. I ‘think’ the main reason it’s falling down is I’m unable to pass variable values

MySQL query and array output from same database column

I’m still quite new to PHP & MySql and I’m not sure whether this would be acheived as SQL or PHP. I have the following

Retrieve Array from within Array

I have an array being created within another array in WordPress and I need to get the ID value from each Array. This is the

How to echo an stdClass Object Array’s array values

I have an array within an STDClass object as my select options. I cannot understand how to echo its values. var $fields = array( array(

WordPress Testing - Efficient way of using Array

Following question arises we had a testing session in wordpress core, Which is the efficient way of using the wpdb class objects outputs in wordpress?

Get the number of arrays in a two dimensional array

I’m currently using this feature from redux array for wordpress, and what it’s letting my users do is to make an array, filled with a

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