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Replacing the content of an image attachment using API

I have an existing image attachment, with a given ID. Is there a way, using API (specifically, Python WordPress XML-RPC), to upload another image instead

How to change the structure of an image attachment in a post?

I’m trying to solve a problem with the attached images in a post. Somehow the structure is not working right on a theme i’m using.

Different template for attachment

I need to create a different template for gallery. I am working with twenytwelve child theme. I have modified correctly image.php so i can show

wp_mail file attachment not being placed in upload folder?

I have a form where I want users to be able to select an image to upload. The image gets temporarily uploaded to the wp-content/uploads

Post and featured image have the same name, why is the attachment (image) is showing and not the post?

How do I get the actual POST to display - and not the thumbnail of the image? I have tried to redirect the attachment to

WordPress Attachment Category Bulk Edit

I’m trying to assign a attachment category to my media files. With my theme I added a custom taxonomy called ‘attachment_cat’. Now I want the

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