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WordPress: Add row to ACF through the backend when creating a post

I’m kinda new to wordpress, I’m using advanced custom fields(with repeater) and custom post types UI plugins, this might be a bit confusing but this

Query for menus in backend (BE)

I want to create a simple plugin (already started) to have in one place recurring tasks (for me as webdesigner) e.g. take site offline, set

Integrating a back-end plugin to the front end

I’m trying to take a plugin which is only accessible through the admin panel backend and bring it to the frontend. Specifically, I want users

display some fields in custom post backend

I am using the following code for the custom post.But i want three fields i.e Location,Persons ,Client to permanently appear in the backend of the

Different back-end colour scheme for the different sites of a multisite

Is it possible to have a different back-end colour scheme selected for the different sites of a multisite? i.e. “Sunrise” for Site A and “Midnight”

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