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How to display a time based on a visitor’s localized time or location?

Currently I am running a WordPress soccer site named There I provide match time, news, result etc. I want to show the fixture’s time

MySQL JOIN or UNION with AND based on previous resultset, WordPress pre_get_posts and post_meta

Trying to recursively select database fields based on parent IDs of current selection in a WordPress environment. On the WordPress side: I’m doing a pre_get_posts

how to change gravity form subject with custom logic based text?

how to change gravity form default subject text to custom logic based text (i need to add some fuctions to chage dynamic subject line) how

Change gravity form subject with custom logic based text? [on hold]

How to change gravity form default subject text to custom logic based text (I need to add some functions to change dynamic subject line) How

AJAX call not working in WP based site

This is my first time calling AJAX from within jQuery so please bear with me here. I have a JSON file where I have formatted

display arrays based on ID or class name

I’ve created an admin page for my wordpress theme to allow multiple images to be uploaded to my slideshow. It works fine if there is

How to update a database based on the information of another database

i managed to install xampp with wordpress on localhost. In a subfolder of wordpress i installed a php program. Everything works well, but i have

PHP Form - Load Content based on option selected from dropdown

I have already asked a question regarding this issue here. The answers may not be what I am looking for, so I will try to

good practice for geolocation based wordpress site

I’m going to revamp my company website. But before that, my superior need me to draft a plan. Here is my requirements. The site will

Create user filters for wordpress custom menu based on custom taxonomies

I have a wordpress site which has custom taxonomies added to each post to denote the region, terrain and climate that the information in the

switch HTML5 video source based on body_class

I’m working on a WordPress site that has an HTML5 video background. I’m trying to get the video to alternate between two options depending on

Toggle a metabox based on a selection

Is there a way to toggle a custom metabox based on a custom drop down selection for a custom post type? What I mean is

Woocommerce - display price based on quantity on product page via ajax

Is it possible to display a product-subtotal price (like it is on the cart page) on the product page depending on the quantity buttons via

Show content based on a few parameters

A little lost - Just trying to find the correct order for this to work. I have a template that is to output a value

Change available products in Woocommerce based on location

I currently have a Woocommerce/Wordpress website. Our current warehouse is in Australia and our website ships all of its stock from there. However, we would

WordPress: Getting URL link for archive based on custom field filter

I am trying to provide a link on a wordpress post that will lead the user to an archive view with other posts with the

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