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Changing the Purchase Button - Woocommerce

I have to hide the possibility to buy for not logged in users (whole domain or store) Ex: If a user is NOT logged in

Redirecting and Changing URL path (.htaccess)

This is question has been asked but the answers were not clear. I have 2 directories in my root folder & I would

how to make a copy of a mysql table, adding some columns and taking some out, changing the order and retaining any data relevant to the new table?

I want a wordpress user to be able to alter the structure of a database table, while retaining data in columns that are unchanged. My

Changing the language for each individual site in wordpress multisite

I currently have a multisite setup and I currently have two sites, one is English (default) and the other I want it to be French.

Lost Site After Changing wp_content Folder - Restore Site?

I have a site I have been building and have a few pages etc. built. I then decided to change the wp_content folder using iThemes

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