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After clicking Fb share button the pop up does’t appear. What appead is fb_dialog_box

please see the demo problem at Here i have created my own plugin that can make the video be seen when user share the video.

Clicking on navigation link will show it’s content for that section

So what I’m trying to achieve is when a user clicks on any item in the navigation it will scroll down (I’m using a wordpress

How to open particular featured image clicking on desired post using javascript in wordpress?

I have created a custom post type “gallery” and created seven post in it. Since I am using “dynamic featured image” plugin of wordpress so

Woocommerce auto redirect to payment gateway on clicking place order button

I use latest version of woo-commerce and payU money payment gateway. After I click on place order button in checkout, by selecting payUmoney payment gateway,

Open a custom post type in a specific custom wordpress template by clicking the post heading in another page template

This is slightly hard to explain so my apologies if this question is hard to follow. I have a custom post type for product reviews

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