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WordPress twentythirteen, can i use code from this theme and resell

Since a while i have started comparing frameworks for wordpress in order to understand the way wordpress works. Now that i understand the code more

Use code from bundled themes in my theme and resell it

Since a while I have started comparing frameworks for wordpress in order to understand the way wordpress works. Now that I understand the code more

How does wordpress protect theme source code?

If I buy a theme from a website, can I read the source code from it? If I can, how can I protect the source

bbpress doesn’t work when certain code is added in an activated plugin

I have a forums page that displays my forum index. Whenever I add the following part of code the bbpress doesn’t display my forum index

Woocommerce Shipping Calculator Dynamic Country/State/Postal Code fields

I have Woocommerce 2.1.12 with a shipping calculator on my cart page. I have it tied into the Fedex API to estimate shipping costs. Which

PHP code to redirect contact form to thank you page

I hope someone may help me with the following issue. I want to create a new page in WordPress (i.e. The reason for this

This webpage has a redirect loop. Error code: ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS

I am migrating a word press site from one Ubuntu server to another Ubuntu server.I have changed all the word press URL’s in the database.

How to add a code for lastpostdate after/inside a specific menu link?

So, I have a news website. The designers want me to have a link in the menu that says “Latest News - [time of the

pageYOffset problems in WordPress? Works on code playground, not on dev site

I am hoping someone will have some insight into my jQuery conundrum. I’m trying to implement a fairly simple script to add/remove a class to

WordPress plugin to store code snippets

I’m looking for a wordpress plugin to store snippets of Python, C/C++ code. I want to be able to retrieve the snippets in a post,

How to change gallery short code

Gallery short code How to add columns=”5″ pagination=”10″ to gallery short code ? Read more here: How to change gallery short code

Jquery generate extra code in wordpress

Code var google_ad_client = this.title; google_ad_client = google_ad_client+"';"; google_ad_client = "<script type='text/javascript>google_ad_client ="" +google_ad_client+"</"+"script>"; jQuery('#addSpace').html(google_ad_client); Output: <script type="text/javascript>google_ad_client ="ca-pub-1702577941194110" ;<="" script=""></script> Why generate this extra?

Jquery Code is not working in wordpress plugin

This code working fine and load the add. <script type="text/javascript">google_ad_client = 'ca-pub-1702577941194110';</script><script type="text/javascript" src=""></script> ----Jquery does Not working It is under wordpress plugin code. jQuery('#addSpace').html("")

CSS code to change the Navigation bar and menu using Divi theme

I would like to change my websites Navigation bar and drop down menu.Please provide me css code to put in epanel->Custom CSS. I’m Using Divi

What is the conditional code for this global custom post

I want to show my default data if there has no post. I want to know the conditional code for this global custom post. <?php

In wordpress home page, book mark button not working, code is bellow see and tell me where is issue

Actually, I am using a theme, at home page top there is a bookmark button in header, but on clicking it’s not working, kindly review

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