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How To Display Post’s on Two Column In WordPress Home page

I want to display my home page post’s on two column, If you have any idea then please share it with me. Thanks Read more

Using added column in wp_posts table? WPUF

I added a column to wp_posts as I need a uuid field on the post table. I had trouble changing the guid value within wordpress

MySQL query and array output from same database column

I’m still quite new to PHP & MySql and I’m not sure whether this would be acheived as SQL or PHP. I have the following

Developing A Three Column Layout in WordPress

I am looking to make a three column layout for my posts in wordpress similar to the three column layout on this site Can

Make a custom column sortable, by custom post count

I have the following code which at the moment displays all posts from post_type product in a column called Art in the users section of

create two column responsive css html design that merges into 1 column when shrunk or viewed on mobile device

So i’m not very web savvy, Im creating a FAQ page on my WordPress site, and I want to make a responsive two column layout

CSS - Only three item in each column in drop-down submenu

I’m using WordPress and I need submenu where in each column will be only three items. That mean when I have 7 items, there will

Custom Post Type List View Column Height & Width

I created a custom post type for creating different type of charts in wordpress. And created a list view column to preview the chart created

Role Column Sorting

I’m trying to add sorting on Role column on user listing by desc and asc but I can get it work, it always show “No

Unknown column ‘lat’ in ‘field list’

I’m tweaking a wp_query quite a lot with the add_filter function. I’m getting this error from wordpress: Unknown column 'lat' in 'field list' The final

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