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PHP Loop Statement into un-ordered list 3 columns

I currently have the following code. The code echos a list of categories contained within the WordPress database. The code is working correctly, however I

how to make a copy of a mysql table, adding some columns and taking some out, changing the order and retaining any data relevant to the new table?

I want a wordpress user to be able to alter the structure of a database table, while retaining data in columns that are unchanged. My

How can I keep the two rightmost <div> columns from shifting down? I’m already using inline-block and vertical-alignment:top

I’ve tried everything I could think of, including google-ing incessantly for an answer. On my webpage: The two rightmost columns shift downwards when I

Add custom columns to auto-save in custom posts

I am using custom post type in a plugin. I have added a new text area in it. I have also enabled auto save. But

Make Post Editor Select Number of Columns To 1 By Default

I want to make the Number of Columns in screen options for a custom post type is selected to 1 by default, instead of 2,

simple user listing 2 columns

I use Simple User Listing and now user list its show in one column, but I need on two and I have no idea

On WordPress, where do I add extra columns for each users?

I am quite new to WordPress, I have identified user.php from wp_includes.php which inserts the username, password and email into the database; how do I

issue with css positioning in wordpress columns

I am having an issue with positioning a caption on top of a picture. The pictures are in a column, there are 4 columns. The

SQL Select Statement to put multiple results into separate columns [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here: MySQL pivot row into dynamic number of columns 1 answer I am trying to output the post details,

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