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How To send an Email To a Particular Address When someone Comments?

I am trying to find a plugin or something that will send an email to a particular address when there is a comment on a

I can see comments but I can "reply" please help

Here is my Custom Post Type 'supports' => array('premise-member-access', 'title', 'editor', 'author', 'thumbnail', 'excerpt', 'comments'), Comments enabled on settings->discussion Comments enabled on lesson page ✓

Mysql error 1093: How to delete wordpress users with no posts & no comments, is not an admin and registered in year 2013 and older

I have this code that works properly and displays the output that I want. SELECT * FROM wp_users WHERE ID NOT IN ( SELECT post_author

How to include custom post type comments in buddypress activity feed

We have a custom post type “Videos” with comments enabled. I am trying to make the comments for “Videos” show up in the activity feed

save_post action hook for comments

Is there a action similar to save_post for comments? Already tried comment_post which does not fire when clicking the update button on a comment in

WordPress comments not showing

I judt got done installing a new theme and my commensts are not showing up. My code is as shown below. Any ideas on why

Comments and Bootstrap 3’s media-list

I’m developing my first custom theme for WordPress based on Bootstrap 3 framework. I’m newbie and I can’t understand few things, so I’d like to

viewing comments

Problem I have is viewing comments on WordPress blogs from my laptop. A comment on a blog just doesn’t seem to be there but it

Is It Possible to Integrate YouTube/G+ Comments?

I’m working on a client site that serves primarily as a front-end to a YouTube channel. New videos will be cross-posted as blog posts on

WordPress article with >200 comments shows display error only in Firefox

This article on a customer’s website has over 200 comments and somehow several comments at the very bottom of this article are merged - but

How to show comments for a specific category of posts with a shortcode

Referring to this post category specific comments here Display category-specific comments in sidebar I need to ask 2 further related questions. 1/ Is this code

Group comments in the admin section

Is there any way to re-arrange the comments in the admin panel of WP? I’d list to nest them in the same way as it

Strip HTML comments from plugins in header/footer

Would anyone know a function or how to remove from the header and footer so that they won’t be visible when viewing source? Read more

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