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WordPress Contact Form 7 plugin issue in IE8

I have used contact form 7 plugin woth wordpress 3.3.1, While validating the form the spinning arrow is shown but nothing happens in ie8, but

Send values with contact form 7 wordpress

I have a form having fields like this. <form action="http://localhost/brands/?page_id=14" method="get"> <p> <label>*Graphic Size:</label> <select name="size"> <option>6X6</option> </select> </p> <p> <label>*Frame Color:</label> <select name="color"> <option>Silver</option>

WordPress Contact Form 7 Cookies

I am developing a WordPress website where I need a single field form on homepage that will ask visitor for the phone number, once user

how do i align contact form 7 next to text

i am working a WordPress contact page, and would like to have the a Google map and below it a section with the contact details

WordPress Contact 7 Datepicker calculate league age

I created an online registration form for my Little League website using Contact Form 7. I have installed the Datepicker plugin which works fine. What

PHP code to redirect contact form to thank you page

I hope someone may help me with the following issue. I want to create a new page in WordPress (i.e. The reason for this

Contact form 7 file upload not sending mail

Hello and thanks for reading this. So my main problem is that i need to allow users to send an maximum 10mb file(doc / pdf).

WordPress - contact form 7: add class to form when submit, and delete when form was checked/send

I want to add a class to the whole contact form on submit. i want to hide the submit button while the form is checking

fPDF and Contact form 7 - exporting form results to PDF

So I’m using WordPress and have the plugin “Contact Form 7” installed. What I was looking to do was create a way for a form

Contact form widget not working

It worked fine before, and I really think that it stopped working after some WordPress updates. The contact form code works using the code in

Trying to get a gravity form contact form to hover over a flash animation

I currently have a rectangular flash animation on one of my pages (wordpress site), the code looks like this: ->”>" alt=”Get Adobe Flash

WordPress Custom PHP contact form

I’m using code from another source but it’s very different to what I’m used to coding when using standard HTML/PHP websites. WordPress seems to have

Sending an email to all users via contact form

I am trying to pull together all my users to send an email out to them from a contact form. I am using WordPress to

WordPress Contact form 7 File attachments no mail

I have a contact form 7 with a file attachment, when i hit send the email form says that the contact form has been sent,

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