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How do I create a Flipbook using Operture WordPress Content Manager?

I have seen that Operture WordPress content manager supports flipbook. A flipbook can be created without much coding. This is a very nice feature and

Clicking on navigation link will show it’s content for that section

So what I’m trying to achieve is when a user clicks on any item in the navigation it will scroll down (I’m using a wordpress

Radio Button options for page content

I’m building a WordPress site and we have some content that should be accessible globally (across all custom post types/posts). We have product pages and

do_shortcode inside my plugin breaks content

How to get the short code applied content inside a plugin using add_filter('the_content', 'myfun_contentrender'); I have a situation like append some text to the content

Responsive content slider sometime cuts too much of the bottom off images So my wordless theme has a built in slider. It is responsive. The slider is in the background and seems to have a height

Get Page content to displayin Bootstrap Modal

Ok I’m a relative novice here, and after looking around I still haven’t found the answer to my problem. I’m basically trying to link a

Display a tag before the menu list content

Is that possible to insert a text before the menu items? In this case, I want to lead a tag for the list content (like

make background and footer fit length of content

I was working on my own theme with wordpress post pages. I need to find a way to make the grey background and the footer

I want to create a php page on my WordPress site, that I ajax load content from.

I want to set up a page with a variety of divs, with each containing specific shortcodes. It would be set up as follows: <div

Undefined index error when saving content on metabox

I am trying to debug ‘undefined index’ errors on the WP backend when debug is set to TRUE. The offending lines are: if ( !wp_verify_nonce(

PHP Form - Load Content based on option selected from dropdown

I have already asked a question regarding this issue here. The answers may not be what I am looking for, so I will try to

Replacing the content of an image attachment using API

I have an existing image attachment, with a given ID. Is there a way, using API (specifically, Python WordPress XML-RPC), to upload another image instead

Edit content of footer in wordpress via admin

I am trying to change the content of my footer in a wordpress theme. The contents doesn’t seem to come from the footer.php file. I

How to create content automatically when a post is published?

Goal: Ability to automatically create content in WordPress posts/pages. Goal Details: When a post is created/published, it will automatically create or configure content based on

WordPress, search in excerpt instead content

im new posting in the forum, but here i found answers without ask, just searching, thanks about that. Here go my questions: I have a

Show exactly full content in WordPress without escape tags

I want to show limit latest post of WordPress in main page. I’m using WordPress APIs and functions to show that, but after that get_the_content()

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