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Unable to create directory wp-content/uploads/2014/07. Is its parent directory writable by the server?

Hi anyone can help me for this issue , i have develop a site in a development server and my client wants to change it

Can we create a custom post template for a specific page template

I am working in wordpress for the first time and the client had a requirement that we create a template which will be used for

how to create a phpmyadmin db connection for wordpress and create custom id search box with resultpage?

have a wordpress site for the college. We wanted to preview our students exam result on our site. so we design a database.each student have

How do I create a Flipbook using Operture WordPress Content Manager?

I have seen that Operture WordPress content manager supports flipbook. A flipbook can be created without much coding. This is a very nice feature and

AJAX form to create new post (WordPress)

I’m trying to send form data via AJAX to a php script that will create a new post in wordpress. The code I have seems

Create new table with data from WordPress wp_postmeta table

The goal is to migrate the data related to a product definition stored in a WordPress table (in this case, credit cards). Here is an

I want to create a php page on my WordPress site, that I ajax load content from.

I want to set up a page with a variety of divs, with each containing specific shortcodes. It would be set up as follows: <div

Create custom post type single page

I want to make single page for my custom post type but my method didn’t work. I’ve created custom post type in this way: function

Do Ive to create a new function for every meta box field?

Im still trying to learn how to build a comprehensive plugin in WordPress, and Im having issues with meta boxes. If its possible I would

Can I create a custom WordPress registration form?

I want to have in WordPress two kind of registration forms. The default one for let’s say visitors users and a custom one for some

Trying to create my first plugin that’s a widget, all themes default styles are overriding my custom CSS

I have created a little plugin that creates a widget that I’ve made, basically just a pretty element, unfortunately, all default widget styles are overriding

Allowing artists to create their own events on label site

I am creating a record label website using the RePlay theme ( I can create events and assign them to specific artists, but I would

Create a custom WordPress post for every element of a XML file

I’m sorry for my english. I explain my situation. I have an XML file that i get using CURL function in PHP. I would to

Create user filters for wordpress custom menu based on custom taxonomies

I have a wordpress site which has custom taxonomies added to each post to denote the region, terrain and climate that the information in the

How to create content automatically when a post is published?

Goal: Ability to automatically create content in WordPress posts/pages. Goal Details: When a post is created/published, it will automatically create or configure content based on

Could Someone Help Me Create A Music Chart Plugin Please

Hello I wonder if anyone can help me i’m new too this…I have this html music chart that I recently created for fun on HTML

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