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What is the best way to create a Ecommerce website using PHP

Maybe the the question have been asked so many times, and many may votes this down, But i am really confused and i think its

How to create automatic posts in wordpress?

I have a very intensive data backed wordpress application. Currently I create wordpress posts by using abaseshortcode plugin which pulls data from database and displays

How to create custom post type visually?

Can there is any wordpress plug-in that create custom post type visually without writing php, html, js etc code Like Student Staid int StdName varchar

How to create a flipping on hover image slider?

Hello I’ve seen this cool slider I was wondering how could you do that ? I tried inspecting the element but my knowledge is

$wp_query issue when trying to create a virtual page

I am trying to create a virtual page for my plugin and I am having a $wp_query reset issue when doing so. I am using

Use form to create post with custom fields

I’m wondering how to use the information submitted in a front-end form to create a new post that uses custom fields. <form action="" id="form" method="POST">

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