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ACF Form not creating unique entities

I am using Advance Custom Fields to create a new fields within the members profiles. Using the locations panel within the setting, i can target

WordPress: Add row to ACF through the backend when creating a post

I’m kinda new to wordpress, I’m using advanced custom fields(with repeater) and custom post types UI plugins, this might be a bit confusing but this

Creating casperJS wordpress login test

I am attempting to use casperjs to test whether or not a log-in was successful to a wordpress page. I attempted to use this script:

Need help creating a page with medical codes

My client is a medical lab company. They want employees to go to a page on their site and type in a test name and

url php page creating and display the content

I have a pretty big DB and i created a form that display each row in the same page, under the form. Good. Each row

Creating a new div onclick wordpress+ajax

I have a link in worpress page <a onclick="show_trend()" >Trend</a> and i am calling an ajax function onclick. function show_trend() { // This does the

Issue Creating Indices on Created Tables for WordPress Plugin

I’m having an issue getting some indices created when I create my tables for a new WordPress plugin. Here is the code: global $wpdb; $em_posts

creating files for displaying different custom post type posts with paging

I have the following post types: Post - wordpress built in Documents - custom post type Videos - custom post type I am very new

Creating a menu page in a Object Oriented developed plugin

I am trying for the first time to build a plugin for WordPress following OOP way. I am having some problems while trying to create

creating new wordpress template to remove dynamic JQuery adding to header

I have created a simple page in wordpress with some jquery, but my jquery are conflicting with some jquery which are dynamically adding into the

WordPress is creating a lot of draft posts

My WordPress install (with the following plugins) randomly creates Draft posts whenever I load the posts page. Is there a way to find out which

WooCommerce CSV Import Suite Creating Duplicate Products

We are trying to get the CSV importer to work properly and we’re having issues because it’s creating duplicate products. Ultimately we want to import

Front-end form submission not creating post

I’m trying to use a front end form to create a post. I’ve been trying for a while now but I the post is not

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