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How to Modify WordPress Default Image Gallery Shortcode

I would like to be able to show 5 columns and only 10 images per page for the default WordPress image gallery. Visually I would

Woocommerce change default order [method - price] shipping en CART

wc-cart-functions.php function wc_cart_totals_shipping_method_label( $method ) { $label = $method->label; if ( $method->cost > 0 ) { if ( WC()->cart->tax_display_cart == 'excl' ) { $label .=

How to Emulate Default Navigation Menu Behaviour in a Custom Theme?

I’m trying my hand at developing a custom theme, and I’ve got navigation menus working (with the help of this walker, but only if they’re

Custom Slug for a custom post type and default post

It’s now several hours that I am trying to get this done without finding a proper solution. I’d like WP to use the following slug

How to add a new link to the default register form’s footer links?

I would like to add a custom link to the footer section of the register form. How can I do this? I am using the

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