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how can i give breakline in txt file i am exporting order details in txt file

i required break-line i get my output in the browser, but it does not on the text file while i am downloading the txt file.

Send Cart Details via Email

I have a woocommerce enabled website ( for enquiry purpose only. So I want the user to select the products, add to cart and then

How to remove footer’s copyright details from GavernWP theme?

I want to remove theme details from footer of Meet GavernWP, a WordPress theme. I am not very familiar with PHP, which requires familiarity to

Woocomerce - Add Bank Name to the fields list in Our Bank Details [on hold]

I would like to move the bank name, in this case “Standard Bank”, to the details listed on the frontend and email template, instead of

How get order tracking number from fedex and show in order details if user in woocommerce?

I am developing ecommerce website in wordpress using woocommerce and SYN Media WooCommerce Fedex plugins, i want to sent order tracking details to my users

Carry over users details to a new page

I am using wordpress and have created a list of users which are all links. Once clicked I need to carry the person email address

How to get all order details including payment custmer product and shipping details in woocommerce

I am using the woo-commerce plugin can any one tell me the query which will give me the all the details of order as well

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