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htaccess allow access (Disable authorization) to file if query string exists

I am trying to allow user to wordpress wp-admin index page if query string contains parameter. I am setting env variable to allow them access.

How to disable (prevent from logging in) users depending on environment (staging or live)?

We run a staging and live environment and I would like to prevent my editors to login into the live website. However, every time we

disable WP automatically inserted line breaks after an image

I’ve set medium sized images to a custom size which should allow for both of the images to align horizontally within the post. (The full

Gravity Forms User Registration - disable for logged-in users.

I’m trying to modify the below code snippet / function hook to disable registration if the user is logged in. <?php add_filter("gform_disable_registration", "disable_registration", 10, 4);

WooCommerce - how do I disable attribute option menus until the one above is selected?

On the Product page of a Variable Product, I’d like to use javascript/jQuery to control the attribute drop down menus. Basically, I want Option Menu

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