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Echo the number of posts being displayed

I had this code working as I needed it to…but now I need to add a post count where the “____” is, beside “posters”, so

Randomize widgets displayed in my sidebar

I have a sidebar which might have any number of widgets. I can count the number of widgets that exist in the sidebar. How do

Posts are being displayed from old to new, in ascending order

I developed a site for a client using a premade theme called “Adapt“. When I was developing on my own server, the blog posts were

Using $seed on a custom post type for randomly displayed posts

I saw this link to display posts randomly without duplicating them. However how do you apply this to a custom post type? Below is what

How to retrieve posts from parent category, splitting them per children when displayed?

I have a WordPress database with three categories: ID 3 : Europe ID 4 : France (child of 3) ID 5 : Paris (child of

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