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How to switch just the domain name but leave the url slug alone

My company just migrated to WordPress and during the migration we were using a test domain ( to test and develop the new website. After

Multisite installation without using domain root

I would like to create a multisite installation using subdirectories, but I don’t want any of the sites to use the domain root as their

Rewriting WordPress post URL for new domain

I have a WordPress site running on EC2. It is hosted in a directory, like this: We are migrating to a new URL, so

Loading plugin text domain before registering post type

I’m building a wordpress plugin, that will register a post type. Im trying to set up a simple test case where all it does is

How to use laravel and wordpress multisite in the same domain

I have a wordpress multisite installation using wordpress subfolders and a laravel app side by side in the /var/www directory The wordrpress installation is called

wp_get_attachment_image_src returns image on main domain, false on subdomain

I’ve got a multisite install in development where both the subdomains and the main site use the exact same page templates for showing data. However,

no posts or pages showing on mirror domain

alright this is a tricky one bear with me a while back i developed a site for someone and he just pointed his DNS nameservers

How make a wordpress MU with subdomains on a pointer domain with direct admin?

I have a domein that domain is hosted with an another firm. therefore i make a pointer ( until the website is ready. The

Redirecting domain to subdomain with htaccess on a WordPress network

I’m having trouble redirecting my domain to a subdomain. My domain is and I want all traffic to go to I’ve got my

Redirecting domain to subdomain with htaccess

I’m having trouble redirecting my domain to a subdomain. My domain is and I want all traffic to go to I tried the

Is this a job for WP MultiSite with domain mapping plugin?

I’m helping some folks convert an apartment management company’s website from a custom CMS to WordPress. We’re pretty far along in the process and I

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