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Dynamically replicate custom metabox in custom post type

I’m building a custom post type in WordPress which will be used to author and display BuzzFeed style quizzes on a clients blog. Within the

Dynamically display font icons in widget

All, have a movie review site that I assign a score to. Currently I’m using a widget which works fine…but I changed all of my

Problem dynamically generating an all purpose title tag

The code (below) works fine on all pages but front-page.php in WordPress. Specifically, it adds an extra pipe symbol to the beginning of the title

Dynamically Populate and Append "List" Field with previous entries in Gravity Form

I have two forms. In first one: Test-Head - text-field Param - text-field Unit - text-field Range - text-field In second one: Test-Head - checkbox(autopopulate

How to list all categories in three divs dynamically based on the quatity of categories?

I have 15 categories. I list this using Now it’s listing all 15 categories into a single div which is category_list. I am trying to

how can i write dynamically text in head tag header.php

I am working on plugin, i want to write a text line between head tag in header.php For example: when a user install and activate

How to include a wordpress template dynamically

I’m working on a wordpress theme that has various custom post types for various purposes. Some I usually need and others for specific requirements. When

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