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How do i add a random background image on a specific element each session?

I’m using the following code to generate a random background image on a specific css element in my WordPress Theme. It works fine but loads

Create a custom WordPress post for every element of a XML file

I’m sorry for my english. I explain my situation. I have an XML file that i get using CURL function in PHP. I would to

Inspecting element on wordpress website shows wrong line number

Whenever I inspect an element on my wordpress website it shows the element as being on line 1 of http://localhost/wordpress/wp-content/themes/ignite/style.min.css?ver=1.19 instead of the correct line

wordpress submenu hoover on wrong element

I have already rule out the z-index. I have a horizontal menu at the top of my wordpress site and vertical sub menus coming down.

highlight active page option value in select element using "option selected value"

I’m using a custom wp-query on my website to display all pages from a parent page inside a list style with select, when selecting a

Why is my WordPress post loop auto closing anchor tags and not wrapping the element with it?

I have a post loop on wordpress where I want an anchor to be wrapped around the main project posts container so they can click

Targeting an element nested in two div classes

Sometimes working with wordpress can be a pain. Im trying to style a menu that is generated by wordpress. here is the basic html <div

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