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woocommerce - add extra coupon area

I’m using Woocommerce to build a custom webshop. On the checkout page, i’d like my coupon area to be on the bottom of the page,

Woocommerce add extra input data from form to session

I’m new to woocommerce and i couldnt find much info from their documentation. My main intention is, i have some custom data that i show

WordPress twenty twelve adding extra margin to images

I have added these three pictures to a WP site. Code is: <style> #frontContainer { max-width: 1200px; } #frontContainer ul { list-style: none; } #frontContainer

On WordPress, where do I add extra columns for each users?

I am quite new to WordPress, I have identified user.php from wp_includes.php which inserts the username, password and email into the database; how do I

Jquery generate extra code in wordpress

Code var google_ad_client = this.title; google_ad_client = google_ad_client+"';"; google_ad_client = "<script type='text/javascript>google_ad_client ="" +google_ad_client+"</"+"script>"; jQuery('#addSpace').html(google_ad_client); Output: <script type="text/javascript>google_ad_client ="ca-pub-1702577941194110" ;<="" script=""></script> Why generate this extra?

How to add extra items in wp nav menu

I have a menu in wordpress where each menu item has an extra item. For example: I have a “Home” menu item where I have

Jetpack Extra Sidebar Widgets Not Appearing

I’ve got Jetpack installed on my WP site. This is my first time using it by the way. I’m trying to install Jetpack’s Extra Sidebar

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