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WordPress custom field or meta box to add data to footer

I have a custom theme which has a footer.php file, which contains my footer. This footer contains two YouTube videos which I have currently hardcoded

make background and footer fit length of content

I was working on my own theme with wordpress post pages. I need to find a way to make the grey background and the footer

How to detect and move all inline styles to the footer?

For some reasons, I need a function to detect all inline styles generated by theme options or plugins to be moved to the footer and

Edit content of footer in wordpress via admin

I am trying to change the content of my footer in a wordpress theme. The contents doesn’t seem to come from the footer.php file. I

What is the best solution for making 2 seperate DIVs of different height reach the footer at the same time?

How do I parallax the content and sidebar of my wordpress blog ( to reach the footer of the page at the same time even

Replacing wordpress footer with custom html one

i’m new in wordpress and i’d like to replace the footer with a pure html code. i mean, i till want the “container” generated by

Defer execution of html footer until Javascript loads

I am adapting a WordPress theme for a client. Within the theme, there is a portfolio feature which loads using javascript. Unfortunately, execution of the

How to add a new link to the default register form’s footer links?

I would like to add a custom link to the footer section of the register form. How can I do this? I am using the

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