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Multiple post types on a grid (every nth post must be a specific post type)

I have a grid where I display multiple posts types. I need to lay out the grid making sure that I have 2 posts from

Different number of posts per row in grid layout

Is there a way to return different number of posts per row in grid layout based on the post size retrieved from a custom field?

Where can find website Grid Layouts [on hold]

Anyone know where I can find a plugin/widget for organising data such as lists, grids etc. I have made some searches but could not find

Dynamic image grid gallery

I want to create a project with the following image grid gallery. I try to do with the using of masonry JQuery My code :

Problems with basic image grid on WordPress twenty-thirteen theme

I’m trying to grid a number of images on a wordpress website, using the twenty thirteen theme. this is the code i’m using <style> #fontContainer

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