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Use Bootstrap Button Group to Swap Divs

I’m creating a login / register form for a woocommerce shop. The default woo template shows two side by side forms, one for new customers

EBS payment gateway integration with Group Buying plugin

I am working on ecommerce website for medical health care company.Here i am using Group Buying plugin for payment integration with the paypal option. Client

Group pages in WordPress

I have a WordPress site with English and French pages. I would like to group the French pages separately from the English pages and to

Group search results by post_type - Relevanssi

Using the Relevanssi (v3.3.5) search plugin on WordPress (v3.9.1) I can group search results by post_type. Example: add_filter('relevanssi_hits_filter', 'products_first'); function products_first($hits) { $types = array();

Repeatable field within repeatable group of fields

Compounding on Saving metabox repeatable fields … I’ve created a metabox with a series of fields that are repeatable. However, within those fields, I’d like

Is there a way to order posts and custom post types as one group?

I have tried several plugins which seem to purport to do this (like this one), but they either don’t or are very poor in their

Group comments in the admin section

Is there any way to re-arrange the comments in the admin panel of WP? I’d list to nest them in the same way as it

WordPress group posts by week

I am looking for a way show and navigate wordpress posts by week. I’ll be making 4-6 posts a week and I want the home

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