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Site goes back to homepage when you dont include the www

I have made multiple pages in my WordPress site but whenever I go to these pages without the www in the beginning the site always

Showing only one category on wordpress homepage

I’m trying to display only one category on my homepage here. To do this, I know I have to edit the index.php file but I

How to adjust homepage widget area with css

I am working on a homepage that has three widget areas, I would like to make them all equal widths using css and keep the

Making text appear above the static picture slider on the Alt homepage, with static slider template on WordPress

Basically I’m making a site on WordPress using the WordPress theme “Restaurateur”. As you can see on the demo home page here using the

Featured Image as background of post title on wordpress homepage

I have a WordPress site with multiple posts. On the homepage I have setup a plugin ( so that three columns of the most recent

WordPress theme development homepage sidebar issue

I m currently developing a word press theme. This is my first theme. The problem i am currently facing is that in the homepage, the

How to get the slug of the homepage when editing it in WP admin?

According to the WP_Class reference, $post->post_name holds the value of the slug of the current page being viewed. If I’m currently viewing the WP admin

Sidebar won’t show up on the homepage, am I doing this right?

So this is the website I’m currently developing: and the sidebar on the homepage won’t show up. I’m using the sidebar as a twitter

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