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.htaccess does not work in production server

It seems I can’t make some RewriteRules work in our production envirenment. In testing environment everything works like a charm. I have such RewriteRule RewriteRule

.htaccess isn’t redirecting subdomain

I have setup an .htccess file to redirect www to non-www and also remove trailing slashes. I also have to make sure that also

WordPress htaccess and Heroku Error

I am using PHP. We installed WordPress and it was working fine, however we can’t update or add any plugins unless we download them manually,

Redirecting and Changing URL path (.htaccess)

This is question has been asked but the answers were not clear. I have 2 directories in my root folder & I would

htaccess rewrite rule on wordpress

I have searched extensively for an answer to this question but none of the suggestions in previous threads have worked for me so I decided

In .htaccess of how to redirect urls after removing a word as a new structure applied

i have a WordPress site and recently i have changed the URLs structure and that cause a lot of NOT found errors as i found

.htaccess and 500 error

we are using a wordpress multisite with 40 or so subdomains all with their own mapping. After adding two more sites a 500 error appears

Problems with htaccess htpassword at frontend

I have protected my wp-admin page with a htaccess/htpassword file. .htaccess: AuthType Basic AuthName "restricted area" AuthUserFile /home/x/d/website/www/wp-admin/.htpasswd require valid-user .htpassword: user1:password1 user2:password2 It works.

Redirect WordPress URL with htaccess

I’m trying to redirect a certain url (actually I have several hundred) to another URL with the following code, but it’s not working. The htaccess

Updaing wordpress .htaccess file gives 500 internal server error

My wordpress .htaccess file has code pasted below: # BEGIN WordPress <IfModule mod_rewrite.c> RewriteEngine On RewriteBase /itsencinitas_dev/ RewriteRule ^index.php$ - [L] RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f RewriteCond

htaccess allow access (Disable authorization) to file if query string exists

I am trying to allow user to wordpress wp-admin index page if query string contains parameter. I am setting env variable to allow them access.

htaccess wordpress dummy url to wp-admin

I am trying to redirect to wp-admin with a certain url for subscribed users. This is how htaccess looks like now # BEGIN WordPress <IfModule

Rewrite URLs for SEO friendly with .htaccess on WordPress

I’m developing a website using WordPress (for articles, static pages, …) but in my theme folder I created a subsystem (handled via php-mysql that doesn’t

Limiting Access to wp-login with htaccess when .cctld is included

I’m trying to stop wp-login.php spam from no referer user agent bots, but I’m having trouble finding the correct syntax for urls with ccTLDs. Is

WordPress Permalinks error with subdirectory: allowoverride vs. htaccess

I tried to give my wordpress blog a nice url structure with permalinks and so far it works fine. One thing is not working and

.htaccess redirect URL last part to same URL POST value?

In my wordpress site I need do do below redirect. to the I’ve tried below code in .htaccess file after # END WordPress

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