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Why isn’t the get_sub_field string from ACF Repeater being output to HTML?

I’m a frontend designer and WordPress beginner, and basically just read the docs and pieced this together from the ACF site. It’s outputting the unordered

Ajax +wordpress onClick link redirect to new page and create html content

i have two pages in my wordpress plugin index.php charts.php in index.php i have some content and some link.. <a onclick="show_trend()" >Trend</a> while clicking this

Replacing wordpress footer with custom html one

i’m new in wordpress and i’d like to replace the footer with a pure html code. i mean, i till want the “container” generated by

create two column responsive css html design that merges into 1 column when shrunk or viewed on mobile device

So i’m not very web savvy, Im creating a FAQ page on my WordPress site, and I want to make a responsive two column layout

How to add id for specific item with html

Hi I have a sidebar in my wordpress site based on this plugin: How I do a custom css id for specific items at

301 redirect for html files in one directory only to Custom Post Type in WordPress

I am struggling to get my head around an htaccess rule to redirect requests for an html file to go to a custom post. I

How to get different html for odd/even posts?

I saw this post with the same title, but it didn’t work. Can anybody see why this code gives me a blank page? <?php $args

how to replace a page content with custom html in a wordpress plugin?

i have a bare bones wp plugin and after i initialize it i call: add_action('template_redirect', array($this, 'custom_redirect')); there i want to get the current page

Upload files directly from system to web server without using html form in php

I am reading an excel file and inserting excel data to wordpress post by php code. I have also a folder of images in my

the html and css

I have flash game website, I want to add google adsense ads left and right sides of the game. I did it left side well

How to find HTML rendered by <?php wp_head(); ?> in WordPress?

I have done a lot of search on it, most of the people are saying wp_head() is located in wp-includes/general-template.php wp_head is in default-filter.php in

Change HTML structure for custom menu in sidebar

I’ve been digging for documentation on how to change HTML output for the “Custom menu” which you place in optional widget. So its clear what

Strip HTML comments from plugins in header/footer

Would anyone know a function or how to remove from the header and footer so that they won’t be visible when viewing source? Read more

add html content in magnific popup gallery

i’m trying to add html content into an image gallery, i was able to add span tag but when i add an a attribute magnific

GoogleMaps plugin for WordPress, populating a template with html content including a map object

I am trying to build a plugin for WordPress in order to generate and display an HTML content with a GoogleMaps map object. The plug-in

Defer execution of html footer until Javascript loads

I am adapting a WordPress theme for a client. Within the theme, there is a portfolio feature which loads using javascript. Unfortunately, execution of the

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