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Display images in attched gallery of custom post type

i have a custom post type-> events. I have a gallery page in which the featured image from a custom post is used as album

how to display images of custom post

i have a custom post type-> events. I have a gallery page in which the featured image from a custom post is used as album

Retrive images from the_content()

I would like to get the images from the_content(), I know I could use a regex to get the images but I wanted to know

Importing images from blogspot to wordpress

The import process is easy enough and everything is imported correctly. The one thing I can’t figure out is how to change what size image

Linking Images to Post Page from Categorized Gallery

I used the code from this thread to create a plugin that automatically makes a gallery out of images attached to posts with certain categories.

Post Name Permalinks broke Carousel of Images

I am using Carousel of Post images v. 1.05. It worked fine until I switched to Post Name Permalinks. Then it broke. I would appreciate

Let wordpress site owner upload images to gallery page

I’ve created a WordPress theme using Twitter Bootstrap and have the basic bones of my site looking how I want. Now I want to create

Responsive content slider sometime cuts too much of the bottom off images So my wordless theme has a built in slider. It is responsive. The slider is in the background and seems to have a height

WordPress: change icons with png images [into functions]

I Have wordpress site. I want to change icons of the blocks with my png images but I cant because it needs something to change

WordPress Bulk add alt tags to images

I’m doing some improvements for a WordPress (image gallery) website with more than 1000+ image. I want to add alt tags for all images with

Moving from to blogger and keeping images working

I want to move my back to blogger. I’ve succesfully imported all the images. But I’ve discovered that as soon as I change the

Featured Images link to post parent

I want to reuse featured images for new posts. So a single featured image from the media library is attached to more than one post.

WordPress theme not pulling through title text of images

I am trying to make the theme I am using (DICE) into pulling through title text of images. The code I am using is below;

URL for images folder on Multisite

I am developing a theme locally on a local multisite installation and trying to change the default gravitar with the following function: function custom_gravitar ($avatar_defaults)

CSS and Images won’t load properly on WordPress

So I have my own theme with custom templates, and I tested my pages using my laptop and it works. But when I connect my

How to make this custom post type to have Bootstrap carousal for all images uploaded using media tab?

I have made a simple product custom post type as plugin. I want to display the images uploaded to the post in a bootstrap carousal.

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