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Formatting data from CSV file to generate XML that WordPress can import

I’ve got a recipe site that is using a MYSQL database and a really old CMS. I am wanting to convert my site over to

multisite can’t import media and users

I have recently created my first unmanaged VPS and install WordPress Multisite. Ok is working well, until I try to import other blog content (xml)

Import hierarchical posts (custom post type)

I have about 10,000 locations to import into a WordPress custom post type. I’d like to import them programatically some way, but I’m not sure

WooCommerce CSV Import Suite Creating Duplicate Products

We are trying to get the CSV importer to work properly and we’re having issues because it’s creating duplicate products. Ultimately we want to import

WordPress import does not fetch images, but just links them

I have used the WordPress Importer ../../css/plugin_to_export_content_from_site_1_and_import_into_site_2._When_exporting_content__i_selected___8220.css;All content”

import content from document file in wordpress

In my wordpress project, i need to upload document(.docx OR .doc) file and put content from file into custom post type here set post type

Import content from a document into wordpress

In my wordpress project, i need to upload a document(.docx OR .doc) file and put the content from file into a custom post type. I’ve

WP All Import Issues

I am using WP All Import plugin to import real estate properties. I got an error when updating the properties. Fatal error: Uncaught exception ‘Exception’

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