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Issue connecting new wordpress install to pre-existing database

I’ve recently run into a situation helping another individual who overwrote their site folder when installing a new copy of WordPress. The original wordpress database

Website Load time Issue

My WordPress site checks for youtube at load time. Youtube is blocked at my customer office network. How do I make an exception and load

WooCommerce JS issue on checkout

I have a big problem with my site. I`m using latest version of WooCommerce (2.1.12) but there is a problem with checkout. Checkout works if

How to solve the Invalid Activation key issue in buddypress registration form in wordpress

I have created a sample user accounts in buddy press registration form That registered user account confirmation link send to my email. That confirmation link

WordPress 3.9 and jQuery Wildcard Selector Issue

I am trying to implement a “checkall” with the following code: <script> jQuery('.grpInclude').on('click', function(e){ e.preventDefault(); var checkBoxes = jQuery('input[id=*"grpInc"]'); checkBoxes.prop("checked", !checkBoxes.prop("checked")); }); </script> However, it

H1 tag CSS Issue - One Side Hanging low on WordPress website

I am scratching my head as to what I’ve done here in my H1 Logo The first image shows what is messed up and the

Nginx php-mysql unintelligible database connection issue

I have a wordpress website and i’m using nginx. Everything was allright until this morning, I tried to enter my website and it was just

WordPress Contact Form 7 plugin issue in IE8

I have used contact form 7 plugin woth wordpress 3.3.1, While validating the form the spinning arrow is shown but nothing happens in ie8, but

Does a WordPress "white screen of death" on any database update indicate a PHP memory issue?

I’ve been having an odd issue with updating anything in the back-end and generating a “white screen of death”. I can normally login and generate

WordPress White Screen of Death on any database update (PHP Memory Limit issue?)

I’ve been having an odd issue with updating anything in the back-end and generating a WSOD. I can normally login and generate any page on

WordPress Widget Inactivity Issue

I’m working on this website:, using a premium theme. The issue I have now is: the thumbnails slider in the footer isn’t actually working.

wordpress plugin development issue : Generate php pages

is anybody knows how to generate pages in wordpress, with php code as a content using a plugin? for example the plugin will create landing

"dataTable is not a function": tiny issue with click, load and fnGetData

I have an error fetching a row-value by DataTable. Firebug informs after clicking: TypeError: $(…).dataTable is not a function An example you can find here

Is there going to an issue running different features of WP site in different subdomains?

I have a main site running in I want to install an e-commerce plugin and want to run it in a subdomain In

Custom WordPress Bootstrap Carousel issue

Hi I have been working on a carousel to display four posts inside a “slide”, here is the code: <div id="blogslide" class="carousel slide carousel-sync" data-ride="carousel"

Issue with custom media uploader in WordPress

I’m trying to create a metabox in WordPress that allows the user to select a PDF file to attach to the post he/she is creating.

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