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WordPress Custom Menu Items User Filtering

I need users to be able to apply filters ( by selecting custom Taxonomies from a list) to the wordpress custom menu to limit the

Append items using jQuery + PHP

In the following code Iā€™m calling some images using PHP code. Note: I used “Advanced Custom Fields” for WordPress <?php // check if the repeater

Adding to a Scroll to menu items in css

I am using wordpress and have about 8 menu items and due to how the theme has been designed, some of the menu items (in

How to add extra items in wp nav menu

I have a menu in wordpress where each menu item has an extra item. For example: I have a “Home” menu item where I have

wordpress - links in sub menu for multiple div items

Ok so I have made a dropdown menu in wordpress. But now I want the links in the sub menu to link to divs on

wp_list_categories - add class to list items

I am trying to style my wordpress category listing to add a class of list-group-item to each li element as follows: <ul class="list-group"> <li class="list-group-item

WordPress custom url menu items being overwritten

I am fairly new to WordPress development. Using a site that runs 3.91 with a custom theme that I have inherited from someone else. My

jquery menu plugin to make only overflowing list items dropdown

I have a menu which renders as list through wordpress. it is contained in a div which is 100% in size to body but has

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