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Manually Get Correct Page for Menu Item Link in WordPress

I have very interesting issue here. Within my WordPress site I seem to have two distinct instances of the same page, being a Contact page.

How to make a link unclickable

Im using this plugin for my website that creates an overlay on a picture with some text on it. The text is always clickable.

get link to custom taxonomy for one custom post type when multiple CPT share the taxonomy

post_type-1 and post_type-2 share the same custom taxonomy. How do I generate a link to a page which shows all posts of post_type-1 in that

Clicking on navigation link will show it’s content for that section

So what I’m trying to achieve is when a user clicks on any item in the navigation it will scroll down (I’m using a wordpress

How to change custom post type category link in WordPress

Hi I’m building a wordpress application with custom post type. Having trouble with custom post type. This is my following code for custom post type

Redirect preview single post link to a page

I have custom post types setup such that the items don’t have or need single-post pages. The posts will be displayed via a custom query

how to add link on wordpress wonder plugin carousel description

i am try to set link on description using wonder plugin carousel in wordpress. here i am type in description something like test its display

Wrap featured image with original image link

I added in single.php the following code to preview in top of the post the featured image "img-responsive")); ?> and now I want to wrap

Change/filter text of link of navigation menu

What I have: I have a log-in/log-out link in a standard WordPress navigation menu. So far, I’ve conditionally filtered the URL to either the necessary

Link title to external link instead of permalink

I’m trying to get the same effect as the plugin Pages Link To where the title of the post is linked to an external link.

Remove arrows from previous and next link

In the wordpress theme I am developing I inserted some code to display links to the previous and next posts which appears at the bottom

Will someone teach me why I cannot just change the a href to a hardcoded url link?

Will someone teach me why I cannot just change the a href to a hardcoded url link? I want the page go back to

Add CSS style sheet link tag with Text Widget

I am having a WordPress blog provided as free blog option by my E-commerce service provider.The user access provided by the eCommerce provider has very

in my wordpress plugin page author link not showing

In plugin page author link on name and gravatar not showing. how to set those ? Read more here: in my wordpress plugin page author

Surround uploaded image link with div

When you upload image you have smth like this <a href="http://vitya/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/8.jpg"> <img class="alignnone size-Small x Big wp-image-65" src="http://vitya/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/8-286x398.jpg" alt="8" width="286" height="398" /> </a> I need

Pop up should open when link is clicked

What I want to do is to show an email sign-up pop up when a link is clicked. This is how I am referencing to

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