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add a Php drop down list to jquery

I’m populating a drop down list with page links in wordpress, see code below. $html .= '<select id="pp_dropdown_link" name="hero_options[pp_dropdown_link_'.$i.']"> <option value="">' . attribute_escape(__('Select page')) .

Populate a drop down list in query using some php

Here’s my script in php $pages = get_pages(); foreach ($pages as $pagg) { $html .= '<option value="'.get_page_link($pagg->ID).'"' . selected( $hero_options['pp_dropdown_link_'.$i.''], ''.get_page_link($pagg->ID).'', false) . '>'; if

PHP Loop Statement into un-ordered list 3 columns

I currently have the following code. The code echos a list of categories contained within the WordPress database. The code is working correctly, however I

If wordpress option empty, show page list

I hope i’lll explain this correctly. here’s my drop down list $html .= '<select name="pp-dropdown_'.$i.'"> <option value="">' . attribute_escape(__('Select page')) . '</option> '; ?> <?php

Save drop down list selection in wordpress admin’s theme page

I’ve got a drop down list populated with wordpress pages, what I am trying to do is store the item once it’s selected. i.e user

wp_page_menu(); drop down list in wordpress admin page

I’m trying to create a drop down list for my pages in the wordpress admin page, I can display the pages using wp_page_menu(); and the

How to selected value default in option list?

I researched but did not find right answer to my question I have custom post type for states, cities and countries and would like to

How to display list of child pages with parent in wordpress?

I have following format of subpages in wordpress: About Us -Services -Products -Surgery I want to list all subpages with parent page like above but

Replacing the title in admin list table

Here is my situation: I am trying to filter the title in my custom post type edit table but I can’t get it working. Here

In the Edit Post page how do I modify with jQuery the status select list?

Here is my JS: jQuery('#post_status option[value="draft"]').text('Approve'); I simply trying to modify the text inside the option element in the status select form element in the

Display a tag before the menu list content

Is that possible to insert a text before the menu items? In this case, I want to lead a tag for the list content (like

Get list of terms of current taxonomy archive for another taxonomy

I have a Custom Post Type named ‘Real estate’ which has (amongst others) two different taxonomies: ‘Purpose’ (hierarchical; terms used are ‘Living’, ‘Working’ and ‘Holidays’)

Get list of ‘shop_order’ post type

I would like to get the list of the orders, with the “shop_order” post type. Either on orders page or on a custom admin page.

How to list tables in wordpress plugin development?

I want to show all table names in my plugin development. I know how to do that in core PHP. I am trying like this:

Woocomerce - Add Bank Name to the fields list in Our Bank Details [on hold]

I would like to move the bank name, in this case “Standard Bank”, to the details listed on the frontend and email template, instead of

Cannot find and delete default ‘Home’ page in pages list

I am starting a wordpress website and created my first page called ‘home’ but when I go to view my site I have 2 home

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